Wire Forms

AluminiumA wire form is typically a part made from round wire that has been bent to have a specific length and angle. There are two basic types of wire forms: spring wire forms and structural wire forms. The spring type either stores and releases energy dynamically through active cyclic or random deflection, or it maintains a static load at a fixed deflection. Structural wire forms have a rigid shape and a specific design appearance.

With our specialized equipment, we have the ability to produce practically any shaped part imaginable. At A&D Components, our goal is to make sure we offer a wide range of precision made wire forms, and we make sure to get these items shipped to you quickly.

Materials We Offer

  • Ferrous metals

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless steels

  • Copper alloys, including beryllium copper

  • Glass sealing alloys

We offer wire forms using a wide variety of four-slide machines. Our sizes range from .008” to .250”. Because we are ISO 9001/2000 certified, any of our wire forms that will be used for critical applications are held to especially high-quality standards. You benefit from receiving precision products manufactured with the most superior level of quality.